trans rights !

below is a list of petitions regarding seeking equal rights for transgender people, especially in the wake of the trump administration’s rule against LGBTQ+ protections in healthcare. please sign and help protect trans people!
(happy pride month!)

reinstate laws that protect LGBT people's right to healthcare

trump wants to dismantle trans rights. tell him no!

trans people do exist! i do exist!

don’t allow discrimination in healthcare!

transgender rights

bring back trans rights in healthcare

disallow trump's new rule allowing hospitals to deny care based on LGBTQ+ status

trans rights/rights to healthcare

reinstate protections for LGBTQIA+ persons in healthcare

justice for Maha Almutairi

stop trump’s ban on transgender military service

homeless black trans women fund

protect transgender kids and prevent the passage of HB303

reinstate laws that protect LGBT people's right to healthcare

stop congress from reversing the transgender protection laws

equal healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community

justice for Dominique Fells

let students use their preferred name on collegeboard

show your support for hungarian trans and intersex people

abolish the anti-trans law in hungary

abolish current anti-LGBT laws and protect LGBT people in poland, call the EU to intervene

hey! i’m ray, a 20 year old trans guy! i created this of trans petitions, but am currently trying to raise money toward my own top surgery! if you’re able to donate, i’d appreciate it more than i can even say! here’s the link!

if you’d like a petition added, please reach out to me in one of the following ways:
twitter: @reggiebutnot
instagram: @rayson.hud
email: [email protected]

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